Recent Alumni

Jason Watson

M.S. Mechanical Engineering - April 2015

Emphasis: Reconfigurability

"I guess you could say I was born with the desire to design." Read More...


Braden Hancock

B.S. Mechanical Engineering - April 2015

Emphasis: Smart Optimization

“I think it’s amazing that that I can teach the computer to teach me how to design better.” Read More...

Charles Wood

B.S. Manufacturing - Dec 2014

Emphasis: Manufacturing for the Developing World

“I want to create the first product designed and manufactured in a developing country for people in the developing world.” Read More...



Other Alumni

Winston Behle  Darren Knight Rober Cambell  
Shane Curtis  Stephen Harston Luke Duffeld   
Jacob Morrise Kyle Halgren Brad Larson  
Morgan Tackett  Nick Wasley  Patrick Lewis  
Travis Anderson Michael Koecher Kevin Francis  
Devin Lebaron Nikki Anderson