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Dr Chris Mattson discusses Village Drill project

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Design for Developing World Pitfalls and How to Avoid Them

A new Paper by Dr.Chris Mattson and Amy Wood discusses common pitfalls experienced in designing for the developing world. They suggest a methodology that could help overcome these pitfalls.

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World Cart Plans

Some of you have been asking for the world cart plans, so we’ve attached them to this post. Feel free to use them. We simply ask that you send a photo of the cart you make to

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Design Exploration Presentation given at Stanford University -- 15 Jan 2014

I express my sincere thanks to the fanstastic students and engaging faculty at Stanford University for inviting me to share my thoughts about design exploration at their research seminary today. I hope our discussion was as valuable for you as it was for me. As promised, attached are the slides from the presentation for your reference. 

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What is Design Exploration?

Perhaps a fitting first post for our new website is one about Design Exploration. What is it? And why do we care so much about it?

Let’s start with why we care. We all want to design the best and most desirable products. Not surprisingly, the way we design them (i.e., the steps we take to conceive, develop, and commercialize a product) has a big influence on how good and how desirable those products become.

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Our Experience in India

All of us see the suffering of people in developing countries and want to help. The problem is often knowing exactly how to do that. Many engineers are eager to use their technical skills and see opportunities for products they could design, but many of these engineers don’t have the impact they’d like because they don’t truly understand the customer needs.

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