Some of you have been asking for the world cart plans, so we’ve attached them to this post. Feel free to use them. We simply ask that you send a photo of the cart you make to

The first page is designed to be cut from a ¾ inch sheet of 4' by 8' plywood. The second page (the sides of the cart) is designed to be cut from a ½ inch sheet of 4' by 8' plywood.

We cut our carts on a CNC router. We used a 3/8 inch up-spiral bit. We did not provide the tool paths here. The attached PDFs can be imported directly into most CNC routers and a tool path can be created from them. 

A bill of materials is tabulated below with labels that correspond to the exploded view.

The hub of each wheel is fit with a steel bushing cut from a pipe. The cart axle is a ¾ inch solid mild steel shaft. The hub assemblies, which are comprised of three pieces of wood, are held together with two bolts. Bike Seat Post Hook, Hammer, Hammer Plate Round, and Hammer Plate Flat are not pictured.

Feel free to send us questions. Good luck!

Charles Wood and Dr. Chris Mattson