“I want to understand the needs of people in poverty and solve them through product design”

My Story

I studied chemical engineering as an undergraduate student and realized that I loved product design. Now I'm pursuing a PhD in mechanical engineering to research how engineers can better design products that alleviate poverty for people in developing countries. I've been to Peru, Panama, Spain, and India trying to figure this out and I'm grateful that I get to travel with my husband, Charles, who also works in the lab.

Why I Design

I love the feeling of seeing a problem, thinking about how to solve it, and then seeing that solution come to life through prototyping. Design is fun because, although we use the same basic process, each project is a little different.

What I Do

Many engineers see poverty and suffering the developing world and we want to use our skills to help, but we don't always know the best way to meet the needs of someone with such a different life experience than our own. I think that there are prinicples that can guide us to design products that more effectively alleviate poverty and my work to understand those principles. Poverty is such a big problem in our world and its time engineers understood how to better use their skills to have a positive impact.

The Credentials

Currently pursuing a PhD in Mechanical Engienering at Brigham Young University

B.S. Chemical Engineering Brigham Young University