PROVO, UT- BYU’s Design Exploration lab launched a new website today.

Dr. Christopher Mattson the Director of the engineering lab who recently met the President and received an award for his work alleviating poverty explained the purpose of the new site.

“We care deeply about using the principles of engineering to help people. The world's problems cannot be solved by just one person. Students and academics can come here and read our research and learn from our experiences. We want them to know what we know,” said Mattson.  

The new website has made all of Design Exploration’s research public. Users can now download PDFs of journal articles and conference papers for free.

The Design Exploration lab focuses on three areas of product design, optimization, reconfigurability, and design for the developing world. The Design Exploration lab is famous for their work in third world countries and has designed many products that help impoverished people earn money and get out of poverty.

“We recently traveled to Brazil to work with Valdinei, a local broom maker. We designed a brush making machine for Valdinei that will allow him to employ more people and put more money into his town,” said Mattson.

Professor Mattson and his students plan on updating the site weekly with the latest news about the lab and it’s research.

“The blog is a feature were really excited about. We’ll be posting field reports from our trips to developing countries as well as tutorials that help people use our product design methods,” he said.

The lab also plans on posting youtube videos that explain their research and document their findings.

“It’s a lot better than the old site,” said Winston Behle the websites creator. “It was a lot of work but it will be worth it if it helps people see our vision and partner with us in our cause.”