"Design allows you to imagine and create things that were previously almost unimaginable."

My Story

I’m a bit unusual relative to this team (I’m old), but they put up with me. I have 5 children and 12 grandchildren. I’ve been fortunate to work in many parts of the world.  My carreer has been in computer peripheral design and manufacturing. I recently retired from Seagate Technology and I’m now pursuing my PhD.  I'm excited by the opportunity to make a difference in the world through research. As far as what I like to do for fun, well, I love taking my Harley Electra Glide on cross country road trips.  I also enjoy backpacking and bicycling.

Why I Design

I think design is one of the funnest jobs in the whole world. It allows you to imagine and create things that were previously almost unimaginable. Every challenge is a completely new challenge.  Designers make a contribution.  I especially enjoy working on large complicated designs.  The team environment is very invigorating.  One of my favorite design challenges was to create a "Factor of the Future", modifying a company's manufacturing environment from diverse, largely manual lines to common automated lines.  The design challenge was complicated and required a large team.  The resulting factory design has provided a significant benefit.

What I Do

Design teams make their products based on user needs and available technology, but these needs and technology change over time. That’s why I’m designing tools that will allow design teams to decide whether to incorporate the ability for a product to evolve or to redesign the product further down the road.


Bachelors in Mechanical Engineering from BYU

Masters of Mechanical Engineering from Stanford

Pursuing a PhD in Mechanical Engineering from BYU

Designed structural and thermal computer structures, disk drives and servo systems, and was a project manager in R&D