“Engineering and design allows me to create and always be working on something new and innovative.”

My Story

I’m from Mesa, Arizona and have hispanic heritage. I’m an avid runner and competed in cross country at the statewide level. I still run about 8-10 miles every morning. When I’m not doing research, homework or running, which is ninety-percent of the time, I enjoy watching Disney movies, follwing my favorite NFL team the Arizona Cardinals, drawing, or spending time with my family. I have also traveled to various places as a People to People ambassador including France, Italy, Greece, Wales, and England. 

I had not fully committed to majoring in engineering until my high school calculus II professor suggested that I should pursue it. I decided that this was perfect for me since engineering combines math, science and creativity and can have a global impact.  

Why I Design

I’m interested in product development and how much engineering design can impact the world. I value the thought and calculations that go into designing a product that meets someones needs.

When I was in eigth grade, we found out that one of my brothers had Type 1 diabetes. I first perceived how engineering design could change people's lives when my brother was able to start using an insulin pump instead of 5 insulin shots per day. One of the products that I would be most interested in being able to design and engineer properly is an artificial pancreas; I know that this invention would provide greater quality of life for many people. 

What I Do

In developing countries, many cooks use traditional fires. The emissions from these fires have been linked to causing an increase in asthma and respiratory issues. I am part of a research team that is developing a reconfigurable cookstove that would also be adaptable across different regions. The challenge is to create a cookstove that is culturally acceptable to people in developing countries and that they will actually use.

The Credentials

Awarded funding from the National Science Foundation (2014-2015)

Designed the electrical system for BYU’s Jr. mini baja race car

Pursuing a Bachelor of Science in Mechanical Engineering