Dr. Christopher Mattson

Lab Director

“I want to use my talents to make a difference and help people.” Read More...


Amy Wood

Ph.D. Candidate

Emphasis: Design for the Developing World

“I want to understand the needs of people in poverty and solve them.” Read More...


Jeff Allen

Ph.D. Candidate

Emphasis: Reconfigurability

"Design allows you to imagine and create things that were previously almost unimaginable." Read More...


Hans Ottosson

Ph.D. Candidate

Emphasis: Handling Complexity and Uncertainty When Designing for the Developing World

"Working as a design engineer, I can help others have better lives, not just me." Read More...


Kendall Thacker

M.S. Student

Emphasis: Cook Stove Project for the Developing World

“I know engineering won’t solve all the worlds problems but it will solve some.” Read More...

Phillip Stevenson

M.S. Student

Emphasis: Product Impact for the Developing World

“I'm impressed by the ability of a simple product to shape society.” Read More...


Andrew Pack

​M.S. Student

Emphasis: Sustainable Design

“I'm excited about the potential that engineering design creates by improving lives of individuals and communities.” Read More...


McCall Barger


Emphasis: Cook Stove Project for the Developing World

“I’m really interested in how design can help other people.” Read More...

Justin Beard


Emphasis: Topology Optimization

“I believe that the key to a great product is how honest the design is.” Read More...



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